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Life is busy, and sometimes, lonely

Whether it's all the kids stuff, or work stress, or pandemic-related fatigue and social isolation, it's hard to find a place to connect. At Concord, we believe caring relationships in a community which accepts you as you are, where you are. We believe you are something worth investing in. Our culture disconnects us from one another and can disconnect us from faith. We need a place to belong in order to fill that gap in our souls. 

You don't have to feel that way. Join us and find a different way to be you. 


Join Us on Sundays!

Worship at 10 a.m

Sunday school for all ages at 11 am.

You can find out about this week's (and future) worship services, the theme of our current worship series, and catch up on what you've missed all on our resources or sermons page! 

The Fall worship services will be looking at the promises of God all throughout the Old Testament stories, from Noah through to the prophet Micah. glean glimpses of ourselves, our lives, our callings, and our contributions to the continually evolving stories of God’s People.

Give Online

Giving Online is safe and easy. To give online, click on the link below

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