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Sanctuary Worship at 10:00am

Our Congregation gathers each Sunday at 10:00am in our historic sanctuary. We open by sharing prayer needs and requests and updates on life in the church. We worship God through songs, prayers, scripture, and reflection. 

If you choose to stay at home or when you are on the road traveling, you can still worship with us! We join together on Zoom or YouTube. 

What to expect

Our Sunday morning gatherings are one of the best ways to connect with others and get a feel for what we at Concord Presbyterian Church are all about. We gather in worship, featuring a casual, family atmosphere with a mix of traditional style hymns, a choir, and contemporary style music. 

All of our services are relaxed in style, meaning there’s no dress code, and you are invited to come as you are. During the service, you are welcome to follow along, or simply observe as you feel comfortable. We hope you will make yourself at home!


Let us know that you are coming so that we can make your visit as welcoming as possible. Hit the button below!

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This Summer in Worship 

The theme for our Pentecost season is “The Journey Home.” As our team studied these passages, we noticed a common experience of God’s people finding themselves on a journey, searching for a place to belong and live with purpose into God’s expectations for God’s people. God was a constant guide in their lives. As God led and challenged God’s people long ago, God calls us today to live as one community in Christ by rooting ourselves in the love of Jesus. It is this love that nurtures our true identities and provides a sense of belonging wherever life may take us. If we are open to God’s direction, God has a way of using unexpected detours to awaken us to new possibilities. And through each twist and turn, we know God will never leave us stranded. 

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