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Waiting on God in Dependence; December 3

They all wait for you to give them their food in due season. You give to them, they gather it up. You open your hand, they are satisfied with good. (Psalm 104:27-28)

The last Psalms are dedicated to a celebration of God and all the ways God has blessed the creation, since the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit worked so hard in the beginning of time to make everything good

We are reminded in these Psalms everything we see was made and created by God for our good. Whether or not you believe in every detail of the scientific theories, the truth in the midst of them is God speaks good into existence and we are dependent on God’s goodness to sustain life.

There is a reason on of God’s nickname is “the Provider”.

We see the providence of God in beautiful sunsets, in ocean breezes, in the smile and laughter of young children. It is easy to see God’s goodness in these things. It is harder to remember we are God’s creation too. And if God creates all things good, that means us too. We are all God’s good creation, dependent on one another, dependent on all creation for the sustaining of each other’s life.

Dependence is gift from God because it reminds us we need each other to be good. We need the ocean breezes to be at peace. Without God’s good creation, all elements of it, we’d be overrun by spiders and bugs!

We want to do things ourselves, but we cannot live a truly independent life. Thank God.

Questions for reflection:

  • What in your life makes you feel like dependence is a burden and not a gift?

  • Is the idea of depending on God encouraging to you or does it seem hard and scary? Why?

Prayer: Creating God, your very nature is to be the unceasing supporter of every creature. We want to learn to wait for your good gifts, to be open to receiving from you the good things which can only come from you. Amen.

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