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40 Days of Prayer


Taking the 40 Days Pledge

The Prayer Pledge Introduction

Prayer, for Christians, is a conversation with God. It’s an ongoing conversation, giving us a chance to know God better. It also gives God a chance to touch our souls with grace. That’s the real source of inner strength and wisdom, which we need so we can find and follow God’s plan for our lives.

But our lives are so noisy that the conversation of prayer easily breaks down. When you take the Prayer Pledge, you are committing to doing your part to get it going again and keep it going.

Take the Prayer Pledge, and talk to God every day for forty days, and watch what happens. Noah spent forty days with God in the Ark during the flood. Moses spent forty days on the mountain with God. Jesus spent forty days praying and fasting in the desert, preparing his soul for the mission ahead of him. You can do the same. Take five minutes every day just to be with God, follow the guidelines on prayer, and share what you discover.

Guiding you through a Prayerful 40 days

Step 1: Find a quiet place. Close your eyes or look at something beautiful from nature or art. Step 2: Thank God for a blessing you've experienced It could be a little or a big one, from yesterday or from a long time ago. Step 3: Read each day's short passage from the Bible on our blog or listen to it read on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Step 4: Reflect on what it means, what it tells you about God and God’s vision for your life.. Step 5: Respond in your heart by talking to God about what struck you most.

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