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Knowledge or Faith?

Peter presents Jesus’ life and resurrections as the renewal of the covenant God made with Jacob. In doing so, Peter reshapes Joel’s original prophecy to show how Jesus fits into the well-known prophecy. Peter never showed a lot of Biblical knowledge, so did he intentionally reinterpret the passage or simply remember it in the way he needed to support his sermon?

- At some point between the time of Peter’s denial of Jesus and when he stood up and preached his first public sermon in this text, Peter got a bit of holy boldness. What could cause that kind of change?

- How do we “misremember” scripture show it says what we want it to say? What do you think is your favorite example of how you might do this?

Prayer: On that day, Peter, and all those with him, received power. Peter was never the same. Help us to encounter God in a way which changes us so we are never the same. Amen.

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