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Service of Healing and Wholeness

Known also as “Blue Christmas,” a Longest Night Gathering or service of healing and wholeness is a safe and sacred space to mourn the losses and griefs of the year, to let the tears flow for the hurting places in our own lives, as well as for our country and our world. 

Service for healing and wholeness (Instagram Post).png

December 5

6:30pm; in person or online

For those who have experienced loss, the holidays can be a particularly painful time, stirring up grief in acute ways. As a result, churches around the world have adopted the practice of having a “Blue Christmas” or a “Longest Night” service during the Advent season. 

A Longest Night service is designed to provide space for prayer, reflection, and remembrance amidst the holiday hustle and bustle. In this pandemic season of life, we imagine that grief and loss will be magnified and nearly universal, and a service like this may be needed now more than ever. Therefore, we hope that these words and this order of worship can be provide a space of calm, quiet, and healing.

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